Dana & Tyler

October 2022

Detroit Yacht Club


Maggie & Bryan

September 2022

Sable Creek Homestead


Margaret & Cam

June 2022

Chicago Botanic Gardens


Monica & Kyle

October 2021

Brix on the Fox


Elise & Matt

August 2021

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Butterfield Country Club


*Note: VP Video Productions had the pleasure of editing in both a "Wedding Film"-style and a "Music Video"-style for Elise & Matt's wedding! Take a look to see the same wedding edited in two different styles. And for the record, the thumbnail images of Elise & Matt for each video perfectly capture their personalities!

Katie & Alex

August 2021

Morton Arboretum


Stephanie & JR

October 2020

Chapel Street Church

Company 251


Megan & Ryan (My wife and I!)

June 2019

Chapel Street Church

Two Brothers Roundhouse

Cinematographer Aubrey White*

*Note: VP Video Productions did not shoot this wedding. We had our incredibly talented friend, Aubrey White, shoot our wedding. We asked her to edit the video in a short, music-video style. Then for mine and Megan's first anniversary, I re-edited the footage into the video shown here.